Our mission is to nurture and guide inner city young men and woman onto a path ensuring success in the future achieving success in the classroom and on the athletic field. Through academics and sports we will transform our students into positive and educated role models and contributing members of society.

As a fairly new organization (501c), funding is of great importance, If you would like help our children by becomming a sponsor, please contact Raheem Orr at [email protected] You donation is tax deductable. Thank you!

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In partnership with the home and various community organizations. Restore Mentors each youth, works with the family, advocates on the student's behalf at school, and provides links with area religious and social agencies. We want our members to take charge in their lives. We want them to develop their potential by means of personal and spiritual development through education so they can become responsible and contributing members in an ever-changing global society.

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The Money Talks Edu's " Financial Literacy Guide for Parents and Educators," engages children to learn about money, the value of money, the use of money, and the importance of understanding money as an asset to use on their behalf. Thus, strengthening money management skills and financial decision-making capabilities, leadership skills, and other qualities that will be useful in their adolescent years into their adulthood.