We offer the following activities:

  1. Teaching the fundamental
    a. Helps prevent injury
  2. Teaching the proper techniques
    a. Increases a player success one the field

Speed/Agility Camps

  1. Drills used to increase the speed and agility of the players through successful & proven techniques

Skills Camps

  1. Running
  2. Catching
  3. Linear / Lateral movements with the ball
  4. Proper form and technique (position specific training)

Leadership training for Athletes

  1. Talking about and teaching the importance of being a positive leader
  2. Every have leadership ability within themselves, we help promote that characteristic
  3. Every have leadership ability within themselves, we help promote that characteristic

I Youth Football

Our programs give a window of opportunity for kids to experience football, without the contact. We focus on the kids having fun while training, IYF is a great to increase a player knowledge when the pads are off. This helps to increase their confidence in their ability and the game. 

Curriuculum for Life Mentoring Program

A mentoring program designed to address the needs that socially & traumatically affect our young men and women growing up in low income neighborhoods. Problems that systematically occur in these area are violence, drugs, unhealthy social relationships on top of receiving a low quality education in many of these area. The program provides guidance to help teens, young adults and even adults. Equipping them with resources and skill increasing their outlook on life. We provide group guided interaction focusing on the following  “Health & Wellness, Goal Setting, Life Skills, Leadership Skills, Personal Development and Resiliency”. In addition, we culture our individual or groups in financial literacy and the fundamentals of real estate to help create options for their future. The purpose of “Curriculum For Life” is to enable young people especially those who need us most. Helping them to reach their full potential as productive and caring responsible citizens. We will introduce CFL program in the summer of 2019.